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Cuide-se Bem Nuvem Creme De Mãos Hidratante Desodorante, 50g - Cuide-se Bem Cloud Moisturizing Handcream, 50g

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Product Description

Get out of the bath with a soft and moisturized skin with Cuide-se Bem Caramelito Bath Body Moisturizer .

Perfect for dribbling laziness, the bath moisturizer is super easy to use: put, rinsed and ready! With moisturizing durabillity for up to 24 hours, the bath moisturizer forms a film on the skin leaving it hydrated and soft. With a sweet smell that you only find in the caramelite line, the bath moisturizer perfumes the skin and is perfect for daily use. After all, taking care of yourself is essential and cannot be done just once in a while.

Secrets of sustainability , its package is made with vegetable plastic, derived from sugar cane. With this, for each kilo of plastic used in the manufacturing of the package, we avoid the emission of 4 kg of greenhouse gases. Besides, its manufacture uses a 100% cold process, which means less energy consumption reducing the environmental impact.

Contains: 200ml How to use While bathing, apply Caramelite Bath Body Moisturizer in your hands, feel the delicious fragrance in the air, go through the whole body, rinse and ready, your skin is fully hydrated.

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