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The brand’s origins in Brazil

O Boticário, which is the old name for a “pharmacist,” was the name adopted by Miguel Krigsner for his compounding pharmacy, which opened on 22nd March 1977 in the centre of the city of Curitiba in the state of Paraná. The idea emerged after Krigsner attended a course in Porto Alegre, where the art of compounding medicines was beginning to be rediscovered, providing patients with the option of personalised treatment, mainly within dermatology. Rather than a simple chemist’s shop, the aim was to provide a pleasant place where people felt good. Instead of shelves full of medicines, the shop had a carpeted room with a sofa, magazines and coffee for those who wanted to wait while their prescriptions were made up.

The chemist and owners themselves would serve at the counter, rather than the usual assistants, conveying a serious and trustworthy image. Within a short time, mainly due to “word of mouth” recommendations, people began to visit the pharmacy in search of products that were now synonymous with quality. It was in this context that Miguel Krigsner moved from compounding prescriptions to producing merchandise with the O Boticário brand name. The first products were a moisturising cream, a shampoo and a bath foam with a seaweed base. The brand’s first cologne, still famous today, was Acqua Fresca.

In 1979, with several O Boticário brand name products and its special service established, he opened the brand’s first exclusive shop at Curitiba airport, which quickly specialised in perfume and cosmetics sought after by all the other states in Brazil. Within a few years, the small pharmacy had become a large global perfume and cosmetics network with around 4,000 shops in Brazil and international presence in 8 countries and headquarters in Europe and Colombia.

O Boticário is…

O Boticário is a brand that believes in beauty and stands out because of its attitude. We believe that when people feel more attractive, everything is more vibrant, joyful, and colourful and the whole world is more beautiful.

We offer complete beauty solutions that begin with a personalised specialist advice service, supported by ongoing training, and a line of quality products, technological innovation, accessible prices and irresistible fragrances and textures.

In O Boticário you will find perfumes, face care, body care, and home spa products, the Men range, products for infants and young people, and make-up – a full range of products to make your desires and dreams come true.

Now with our online shop, we are always close to you. We hope you will always be close to us.


A brand that translates beauty

The brand Grupo Boticário (Boticário Group) represents the source of our business, our organizational culture values and our pride to always undertake new challenges. Nature has been a source of inspiration for the design of the brand, which won spiraling light forms. The movement of traces demonstrates our ongoing evolution. The entry of light and lowercase letters represents the clarity and closeness of the relationships with our audiences. The modern font shows the continuous search for innovation, while the singularity of the logo expresses itself in the distinctive design of the letter "g" and in the accent on the "a".

Positioning statement

Beauty is what we do. This is the literal translation of the tagline that accompanies our brand. It is the positioning statement that translates the essence, personality and values of Boticário Group, as you can see below.

Beauty: Through the development and manufacture of products, positive attitudes and sustainability, we take beauty and self-esteem and inspire people, companies and the society to build a more beautiful world.

Is: It represents the present. It strengthens the entrepreneurial attitudes that lead to thinking today on solutions for tomorrow.

We: It shows our human side. It is the recognition for the dedication of the collaborative network that builds this success story and leads our entire business structure.

Do: It symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit of the Group and of who is part of it, with the incessant desire to grow, give growth opportunities and always do more.​​​​​​​​