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How To Buy

The purchasing procedures at O Boticário website are regulated by this document. Therefore, we recommend the complete reading of this document before finalizing an order, to be aware of the purchase conditions and to enjoy the best possible way the advantages that this website offers.

1. Definitions:

 1.1. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:
Restricted Area: Website section which is accessed by authentication;
Authentication: When the website visitor logs in with a username and password to access and securely change the purchase data;
Customers: People who have purchased products offered at the website www.boticario.com;
Restricted features: Features that can only be used by visitors after authentication, such as the purchase of products and access to the area of orders;
Visitor: Anyone who browses the website www.boticario.com;
Website: designates the Internet address www.boticario.com;
Regular products: All products available in stock at O Boticário Online Store;
User: Every visitor authenticated at the website www.boticario.com.

2. O Boticário Online Store Operation:

2.1. O Boticário website makes it possible for visitors to buy products at the Online Store. Visitors simply need to fill in a register with the purchase data.

2.2. In order to purchase a product the visitors must fill in their purchase data on the website.

2.3. Among the possible choices of available products, users can purchase regular products and last unit products.

2.4. After choosing the products, the user must add them to the shopping basket and, after adding all the products wanted, proceed to checkout, choosing the place of delivery and paying for the products.

3. Product Prices:

3.1. Product prices on O Boticário website are the same for consumers all over the country. The taxes paid by the consumer are according to the established state laws.

4. Product Delivery:

4.1. O Boticário uses the services of partner companies to deliver its products. The delivery time may vary according to the ZIP Code of the recipient and payment authorization time.

4.1.1. Delivery times vary according to the region of the country.

5. Purchase of Products:

5.1. Products can be purchased in O Boticário Online Store using VISA,  American Express, Discover, MasterCard, JCB or Diners Club credit cards.
5.2. Once the user finishes the order, it will pass through the stages of approval, sorting and shipping;

5.3 The order may be canceled due to the impossibility of processing the order for a specific reason below:

I - Not released due to discrepancy of data or register information.

II – Discrepancies in the functioning of the system, such as computer crash or some operation error.

III - Difficulty in confirming information for payment authorization within the time determined by the issuer bank or application.

5.3.1. The shipping status can be checked via Order Tracking logging in to the website with your username and password.

6. Customer Service Center:

6.1. If the user has any questions or needs further information about a procedure in the Online Store or about a purchase, the user can contact us through O Boticário Customer Service Center United States by phone 1-844-6401422 through a free call, from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 10am to 10pm, Brasilia time, or send an e-mail to contactUS@oboticario.com.